How it works ?

V2K is a method of mind control. It is done with technology, sattelites, cell phone towers, anything that can manipulate EMF. To do it in the house they create an electric field with the powerlines(wiring) in your house. To communicate with V2K you first calculate a persons natural frequency by sitting with a frequency  meter with your internet router off in a basement for six hours and average the readings. Another way that may work is to measure the voices in your heads frequency ??? To dround out the voices in your head generate a tone at that frequency. Then you use a radio that can broadcast in that range and you should establish a connection. A radio like a portable firemens radio. If you have the same natural frequency as someone else and are near each other it becomes telepathy. Your natural frequency may be the frequency of your soul. Magic may be a Natural Frequency phenomenon???

When you are connected you share your emotions with the person you are connected too. Their pain, they're joy, their anger, their love and lust, you share all of their feelings.

V2K stands for "Voice to Skull," and it refers to a phenomenon or belief that individuals are hearing voices, sounds, or messages directly transmitted into their minds or auditory perception without the use of any physical auditory stimulus, such as sound waves through the air or vibrations through the ear.

V2K is often associated with claims of mind control or electronic harassment, and it is sometimes considered a form of conspiracy theory or paranoia. Some individuals who believe they are experiencing V2K may attribute it to government surveillance, secret technology, or extraterrestrial influence.

It's important to note that scientific and medical communities generally do not recognize V2K as a valid phenomenon. Auditory hallucinations, which can include hearing voices or sounds, are complex psychological experiences that can be associated with various mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar disorder. These conditions are typically assessed and treated by mental health professionals.

If you or someone you know is experiencing distressing auditory perceptions or believes they are the target of electronic harassment, it is essential to seek help from a qualified mental health practitioner who can provide a proper evaluation and appropriate support or treatment. It's crucial to approach such experiences with a compassionate and evidence-based perspective to ensure the well-being of individuals affected.