Platinum Communities

The Platinum Age

As we issue in the Platinum Age with the maturation of Information Technology, Natural Frequency Technology, and The Physical and Biological sciences we move toward one language and one currency, end war, pestilence, and famine, as well as end Global Warming. To do this we take everything local while maintaining a strong federal presence. What I mean by this is we manage transportation and finance at a local level. We create local stock markets and ride horses(not for long distance trips). When it becomes burdensome to ride a horse a long distance, people will shop locally creating more and diverse jobs while still allowing us to enjoy the benefits of larger companies. More of every occupation locally more activity, longer appointments with professionals, local manufacturing, local AI and virtual companies. LOCAL EVERYTHING.

This move towards less travel will end global warming because we will travel on horseback or carraiage and allow the oil and natural gas for the larger and construction vehicles. A local stock market with everyone investing 20 or 50 dollars to buy  acompnay based on their residence in a community which will pay them enough dividends to ensure that they achieve a middle class life, after that the companies will act competitively and these companies will be educational entertainment and discovery companies.