Some Thoughts On Schizophrenia

Studies From The National Institutes Of Health

While the incidence of criminal offense in individuals with schizophrenia does not necessarily differ from that of the normal population, in contrast, the rate of sexual crimes among individuals with schizophrenia is relatively low. Due to low numbers, description of sexual criminal behavior among schizophrenia patients remains relatively unexplored. In order to investigate clinical, socio-demographic and sexual factors associated with deviant sexual behavior in schizophrenia sex offenders we retrospectively compared a large subgroup of schizophrenia sex offenders with a group of schizophrenia patients incarcerated for other criminal behaviors and a group of sex offenders without schizophrenia. Results indicated significant differences distinguishing schizophrenia sex offenders from schizophrenia non-sex offenders, the former of whom were more likely to be married, employed, non-heterosexual (homosexual and bisexual orientations) and demonstrated less hospitalization, antisocial personality, substance abuse, negative symptoms and overall illness severity. Individuals with schizophrenia had a tendency towards female victims compared to non-schizophrenia sex offenders whose victims tended to be male. Study observations indicate important differences between the 3 subgroups suggesting that the schizophrenia sex offender subpopulation may be a unique subgroup of comorbid conditions.

The Schizophrenia Gene

The gene, called C4 (complement component 4), sits in by far the tallest tower on schizophrenia's genomic “skyline” (see graph below) of more than 100 chromosomal sites harboring known genetic risk for the disorder.

The Protective Effect Of Estrogen On Schizophrenics

One study that examined the effects of estradiol in men with schizophrenia found that after two weeks of oral estradiol treatment in conjunction with antipsychotics, the estrogen group experienced more rapid reduction in general psychopathology compared to the placebo group [67].