Coping Strategies

The way to deal with V2K is self defense; it is the best measure; they wont fix it; ignore V2K and stay quiet. Ear plugs are essential, silicon(an insulator) to block out the frequency for it makes you aggressive and you will scream and yell. Also music played through noise cancelling headphones or "bonz" headphones with silicon ear-plugs in your ears. The combination of the earplugs and the music gives you almost a normal feeling???(normal sucks). If you like the "DragNet "(Were on to you! Your goin down. Respect the Police! I'm not playing this for your BENEFIT. Just talk to the police. The police have control their area.) soundtrack, you can boost it with white noise and record it to listen to it later!!! If you have an Internet Connection you know you are not guilty and can just ignore it. The V2K is a frequency that enters you possibly through you aural canal the music will relax you and the noise cancellation will "SNAP!!!" you out of it. 

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