Bio of President


As president of the company I would like to include a little about me.

I am a 1991 graduate of the Pennsylvania State University. I went to High School at John S. Fine in the Greater Nanticoke Area, graduated 1986-Academic.

 I like music, most genres. I am a Big Ten Ahelete and have worked at several Fortune 500 companies. I started with the Tandy company, in the early nineties and recieved commendations for selling Information Technology and it's components. Then it was at a Xerox sales agent selling PhotoCopiers. After that I began my career in Public Service at the Luzerne County Court House and began my quest to ensure everyone's Civil Rights are respected.

I joined the ACLU.  I then worked at Diversified Information Technologies in Scranton in an Information Technology Services capacity. After that it was OAO in Las Vegas for a summer. OAO, Orbiting Astronomical Observatory. Lockheed later purchased the company. 

After that I started my own Information Technology Company, Old Fashoined Computing, an IBM Business Partner from 2017 to 2023, and got back to my roots. I worked and manged my business since then and often worked full time while doing it. I had some part time jobs while building my business in the culinary field and as a Janitor at PRIDE Mobility products. I thought I could make a better burger then the McDonalds Quarter Pounder and created my signature burger. Then it was Geisinger Health Care to learn the EPIC package. Since then I have been Involved in this company and act as a IT consultant. 

I am pursuing Cartooning and Three Dimensional Art with the Open Source Blender Package as well as a few AI Software Development Projects, NFT Creation, Blender and Adobe Art.

 I live withmy family in Newport Township PA. my charitable interests include the SPCA, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and anything that feeds people!!! 

My favorite books are:

 "Sun Tzu - The Art Of War", 

"The Holy Bible",


"The Heart Of The Buddhas Teaching",

 "Einsteins Theory Of Relativity",

 "The Joy Of Living",

"Writing Fiction For Dummies", 

biology texts, 

"C++ In One Hour a day", 

"Technical Analysis For Dummies",


"Spell Of The Highlander (Romance Novel ???)"

  Ihave traveled across the U.S. three times once on AmTrak and love vacationing on St. Johns and Las Vegas Nevada.