A Story About Me


The first piece of prophecy I heard with the voices in my head was 

"Help Each Other don't hurt Each Other". After that it was to create "Togetherness",

a global Philosophy. While this was happening I was already taking psych meds

for hearing voices in my head. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.

Then I didn't know if Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective Disorder(Scizophrenia and Depression)

was Spiritual or Biological, turns out a little bit of both. I kept hearing the voices

in my head, that was 1996. I still hear them today, March 11, 2024.


I was working at the Luzerne County Domestic Relations Section at that time, Family Court.

I also had a sex scandal brewing at that time. Mike, a nanticoke Police Officer started a rumor 

that I molested the landlords toddler. Both Mike and I worshipped Wendy in high school, I sat

by her everyday at lunch, swam in her pool, played tennis with her, and sat at her prom table. 

She had a boyfriend named Dave, she was truly my first female friend. Mike wanted much more than

that from her. The molestation was probably one of his sick sexual fantasies. 

The there's "the backrub", a sexual harassment scandal. I did give a pretty girl 

a backrub at the DRS. Then there was the cross dressing scandal. If you see me dressed as an

attractive woman you'll know if that one is true or not, no one has yet. Then theres the Nancy's

rape scandal, a four orgasm night for her. It all seems to be going down as a bad time for me, 


The County Hit

With all of that going on I took the 5th, it was my legal strategy since then.

"I deny any allegation of wrongdoing and assert my fifth amendment priveleges".

The only thing was that I did this to the voices in my head. My landlord was an

attorney named Vito who I created and sold the "Horrible Hankey" with. We did this

in High School. High School was good to me, got laid senior year with a girl named

Jen, a heterosexual behavior, there was also Sue, a friend of my sister. She and I 

spent a few nights at the Quality hill tennis courts. Although accused of cross dressing, I

have never practiced homosexuality, live and learn I guess. At 55 I still don't haven't got

my look together, the Riverdale girls are helping me with that. With all this scandal

my landlord changed my name from Ken or my nickname "Spud"(after Spud Webb, I dominate

on the six footers) to "Kennie", so I went by my new name and conjoured up a sexual 

fantasy which was to be a girl having sex with a girl. It came to me in a dream about 

my favorite girl, Allison. I believe in telling the Truth, Allison was my favorite 

at that time, and still is today.

With all of this the county decided to put hit out on me. They tried to do it with the voices in my head or soundtrak. "Tom and Jerry's" soundtrak administered by the retired state police, county assasins. Twenty seven years later still not dead and hearing "Tom and his son Jerry his wife Sue's soundtrak." Where is "Nikki from Nanticoke's" daughter??

Did she die after a police escort from "Tom and Jerry's Soundtrak. I heard some of it while at my house near newport cemetary a couple year's ago, sounded like someone shot her???