Ken's Quotes


Never Grow Up

Story is Mankind's greatest Achievement

We All Live By Law

When you don't lie you're not lied to

When you don't exist you don't feel PAIN!!!

Tell The Truth

Help each other don't hurt each other

There are No Absolutes for there is change

Life is the process of dealing with Change and Creates Suffering

Death is the Only way to end your Suffering

Light and water create matter

Every change is good

Redundancy Rocks

You can never have enough Goddesses

Supply and Demand Dictate The Value Of Money

Managing The Supply Chain Combats Inflation

Earths Resources are Bountiful and Replenishable

The United States Government is a Liberal Structure and works best with Liberal Thought and Processes

Only Positive Mutations Evolve

Nature Is Liberal for it is based on Evolutionay Principles