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Remote Voice To Skull Technology is Declassified 9/12/2023 KJT

To End Remote V2K DEFUND...

An MRI will disprove Schizophrenia!!!

Mind control is achieved by broadcasting on a barely audible frequency. 

"Keep America stupid, vote CONSERVATIVE!!!!"

Take Risperdal maybe 12 mg a day, then you can tolerate V2k !!! - 9/16/2023

Caligula                     Aurelia

A phlisopher seeks the truth

The truth will set you free

Buddha was a philosopher

Unlike in modern times, Roman politicians stood for office on the basis of their personal reputations and qualities rather than with a party manifesto or platform

Education Is A Liberal Way of Controlling The Population Of The United States Of America

V2K Mind Control Is A Conservative Means Of Controlling The United States of America

Peace And Understanding Come From Education!!!

IT  V2K Voices in your Head Natural Frequencies

"End The Schizophrenic Pain - Listen To Universal Frequency"


Power Grid Frequency




If you  want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration

Nikolai Tesla

Take at least one with you

Ken Tedesco

V2K state and locally controlled mind control is what's causing the violence in America and around the world. Old Fashioned Computing is an IT and V2K consulting firm. We specialize in creating Software Applications and Hardware Implementation's to help you live and work while dealing with your V2K. I am the owner, a Penn State and East Stroudsburg Alum who has experience in the Biological Sciences, Health Care, and Information Technology fields .

Radio tower probably similar to a tower used for remote V2K, the V2K towers may vary in size, shape, and composition.

V2K "voice to skull" and remote V2K technology creates an experience much like schizophrenia, but is actually radio communications that uses Natural Frequencies to create a telepathic connection. 

Local and State Law Enforcement as well as private contractors use it to force victims to confess to unlikely and probably Imaginary Offenses It is not a new technology, but is not widely known about. But could take away your Liberty wrongly. It  is considered torture by many and anyone who is not tyrannical and inherently violent understands this !!!

After experiencing V2K for a while your life is usually out of sync, especially your biorhythms. Many people never realize they are expeiencing V2K and think they require psychiatric treatment. It is always good to deal with a doctor, and in my 25 years of dealing with psychiatric professionals i have found that outpatient is the best method.


Man experiencing V2K (click arrow)

An individual experiencing V2K with multiple telepathic connections, both male and female. If you are expiencing a schizophrenic episode like this, it is probably V2K. We at Old Fashioned Computing can help. We specialize in helping you, we 

put people first, not profit margin. We will tailor a multi discpline solution across healthcare, technology and law to implement a solution for you to pursue your life's goals and dreams. Don't suffer any longer contact me at:  ken@oldfashionedcomputing.com for a free introductory consult.

The Golden Rule with V2K,  "Don't lie."

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