Old Fashioned Computing

Old Fashioned Computing is a researched oriented Software Development and Technology Company. We are currently in the process of developing a Sports and Financial Forecasting Subsidiary. We also do website design and development and 2D and 3D animation, as well as multimedia and writing. At Old Fashioned Computing we use Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Blender, QT, Visual Studio, Android Developer Studio, and several other technologies for the following platforms: Windows 11 and Ubuntu Linux, and MACOSX. Some projects we are interested in developing and are copyrighted are:

-A virtual business oriented social media network with 3D capabilities that has it's own virtual currency and virtual stock market as well as virtual communities, with sentient Avatars all in the Meta Universe

-An AI oriented sports handicapping package that predicts the outcome of sporting events and manages the user's sports betting activities,

-The godiswithusonearth cartoon series,

-The godiswithusonearth video game,

-The godiswithusonearth novel,

-An AI technical Analysis software package to predict stock market trends and prices,

-MyCompanion, AI software that creates a virtual companion, someone that can carry on a conversation with you

-Educational materials to enable our associates to complete these projects

If you are interested in devoting Open Source or other time such as Internship or experience only or want to be on the ownership track, contact me at ken@oldfashionedcomputing.com