Free IT Courses

Courses are to be completed to Music

The reason why suffering exists is so we all experience humanity

The courses on this web site are designed to be read to music and are concise

Share the planets resources, we all have a right to survive.

Put People First, Money somewhere after creativity

If you take care of your parents, your kids will take care of you

How to beat Conservative V2K:

Use noise canceling Ear Buds that play music and then put your noise canceling headphones over the top, with just the noise cancellation on, I use Bose.

A phlisopher seeks the truth

The truth will set you free

Buddha was a philosopher

If you  want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration

Those that can DO those that can't TEACH

Suffering is inherent in life death ends all suffering

An Early death is reward for a good life

Nirvana is a ste of existence without suffering

Death brings about Nirvana

Blue- a liberal color

Education Is A Liberal Way of Controlling The Population Of The United States Of America

Red- a conservative color

V2K Mind Control Is A Conservative Means Of Controlling The United States of America

Purple- An American Color

Peace And Understanding Come From Education!!!

Unlike in modern times, Roman politicians stood for office on the basis of their personal reputations and qualities rather than with a party manifesto or platform

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